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How to Lose Weight without Dieting

How to Lose Weight without Dieting

It’s really hard to just stop the habits and routine you are used to and begin a diet.  If you feel your weight is unhealthy and that it’s difficult for you to start a really restrictive diet, there are some simple steps that you can begin with for a month or two which can help prepare you for a diet that relies on calorie deficits.

If you start a diet without acquiring a healthier way, the diet will not last long and you will only end up sabotaging it by cravings and routines which you have not been able to break.  So, start with these and when you have been committed to these changes then it is a good sign that you are ready to pursue a safe diet plan.

1.Remove all white flour and grains:  Swapping white bread for whole grain bread like oat or bran bread (the grain has to be visible and not just brown coloured) will not make you feel that you are giving up your favourite foods just yet!  Although the calorie difference of whole grains and white grain is not big, their “feeling-full effect” is stronger due to higher fiber content.  Whole grain breads, brown rice, whole grain pasta and lentils will prevent sugar spikes in your blood and in this way minimize feelings of hunger.  Ideally after a week of doing this try to remove bread completely.  Automatically you will find yourself using healthier carbohydrate sources like bran, lentils, rice cakes and more.

In Eat! Diet Club we send our members a mixture of whole grain bread (for example for dinner sandwiches) and white grains like rice.  When your intake is regulated by a dietitian it is still ok to take a variety of sources especially if you enjoy them so that you don’t feel a diet is a complete removal of foods you really love.

2.Restrict Desserts to only 1 per day:  I’m not going to tell you to let your sweet tooth stop existing, but in order for the rest of you to exist you do need to make some adjustments.  Let your taste buds and health meet half way.  If you enjoy sweets, please reduce it to once per day and set a timing for it so your body begins knowing when to expect sweets instead of requesting it the whole day. 

3.Exchange all Full-Fat Dairy to Fat-Free or Low-Fat Versions: The simplest way to cut over half of your calories.  I know the full fat versions taste better if you are used to them.  This is because fat stays longer on the taste buds and increases the enjoyment of what you are enjoying.  The sooner you can commit to that the sooner you will be able to commit to other things like a diet.

4.Eliminate Fruit Juice and Sugary Soft Drinks:If you enjoy soft drinks switch to the low calorie versions (I prefer ones sweetened with natural sugars like stevia rather than artificial sweeteners).  Fruit juices switch them to whole fruits and restrict fruits to 3 per day.

5.Follow the 3-hour rule:Whatever you must eat, please eat it in 3 hour intervals.  This helps regulate your blood sugar, and lets your body know when to expect food rather than eating continuously- a great way to prepare for the diet.

6. If you don’t want it in your body, don’t put it in your house.

Try this and within 3 days you will see a difference.For further enquiries please email .

Or follow us on our facebook pages of Eat Diet Club or @eatdietclub on Instagram (the catering part) or Delightfully Light (the on-line part).


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