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Five Tips: How to Come out of a Fast

Around a week into fasting, my body knows not to crave, my stomach size has decreased, and I'm feeling healthier.  So when the fasting has come to an end and everything is available for me once again to eat and charge towards the kitchen, it really doesn't seem appealing anymore! All types of Fasting, including for the Holy month of Ramadan, can really instil habits in a person which can be highly beneficial when it's back to normal eating again.  For me, I love using these habits to carry on after fasting in order to allow the longer-lasting effect of the health benefits acquired during fasting. These can be used for everyone and not just those who fast!

1)  It is not ok to snack haphazardly, whenever we feel like, all day any time.  By disciplining our cravings, constant snacking instincts and mindless eating (while sitting in front of the T.V for example) while fasting, this is a fantastic quality to keep with us during the year- remembering that you are stronger than your cravings and can shut them down if you put your mind to it.

2)  Train your body to expect food at certain timings: Just like when we fast, our body eventually expects food at a certain time and in this way the cravings are minimized.  In the same way, integrate certain timings during the day for eating and make sure they are the same timing every day.  Many of my clients know I love the 3 hour rule. Set a time for all of your meals and snacks 3 hours apart.  For example, your Breakfast could be at 8 a.m., a fruit at 11 a.m., Lunch at 2 p.m., another snack at 5 p.m. and dinner at 8 p.m.  Plus blood sugar is kept stable minimizing feelings of hunger.  

3) Keep your stomach size small:  Hopefully, and I stress hopefully, the stomach size decreased during Ramadan.  If you found yourself becoming surprisingly full after the soup and salad then this is a sign of stomach size decreasing.  This causes you to feel full quickly, eat less and ultimately lose excess weight.  So to maintain our weight after Ramadan or any kind of fasting, it's important not to over-eat and over-indulge because it is easy for the stomach to stretch wider again, causing you to eat more in order to feel full, eventually gaining the weight back.  The best thing you can do to maintain your weight and stomach size is to really be aware of how you are feeling when eating and to take the decision to stop when you are comfortably satisfied (remember, there are many more meals to come in the day).  Put small portions and eat slowly to allow the hormone ghrelin to reach our brain and signal that we are full.  It takes 15 minutes to reach the brain once full, so when you eat slowly you can avoid over-eating.

4) Gradually Increase your caloric intake: When (and if) you are eating less in Ramadan, then your metabolism will drop towards the end.  If you suddenly eat your regular portions it will be much easier to gain the weight back rapidly.  Therefore adding small and regular meals, (especially using the 3 hour rule) will help to raise your metabolism again.  Not only is timing important but the quantity is also.  Begin with smaller portions until you reach your regular portions again.  We are so happy at Eat! Diet Club to be offering the Post-Ramadan Diet where we take the gradual calorie increase into account.

5) Liquid before food: You know how important it is to begin with liquids after you break your fast to rehydrate.  Whether in the form of Water, Light Ayran or Vegetable Soup, make sure liquid is an integral part of every meal and snack in order to reach your required needs during the day.  Additionally, liquid along with the meal is proven to help you reach a sensation of fullness quicker. 

With these tips, I hope everyone and anyone can benefit from them, especially for those transitioning from fasting to their regular eating habits again.

I am happy to answer all questions and enquiries on!  For further enquiries about our now available post-Ramadan diet kindly give us a call on 03-008664.

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