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Which Type of Carbohydrate Improves Brain Function?

It is nothing new that eating Breakfast has been shown to improve Brain Function, especially in Children.  However, Scientists have tested if there is a difference in Brain Function, depending on the type of carbohydrate consumed for breakfast.

The study tested for brain function in individuals who ate either a type of slow-release energy  bread (containing guar gum which enables sugar to be released slowly) OR regular white bread for breakfast.  It turns out that those who consumed the guar-gum enriched bread has significantly improved brain function (in terms of memory and attention) when compared to those who consumed white bread.

What does this tell us?  It doesn't mean that you have to eat guar gum every day for breakfast.  Foods similar to guar gum, such as whole grain items that also release sugar slowly are not only healthy in terms of regulating blood sugar, improving digestive function and lowering cholesterol, but they even effect us mentally.  Try to avoid breakfast items high in processed simple sugars or those containing added sugars, and opt for whole grain items, whether through toast, oats or whole grain cereals (especially for children!).  If a person does substantially better consuming such foods for breakfast, just imagine the effect if each meal contained whole grains!

No wonder they say a healthy body for a healthy mind…

Source: Niellsen A et. al (2012). European Journal for Clinical Nutrition 66 (p. 1039- 1043)


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