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Keeping Weight Off

Weight loss surgery has come a long way in recent years, and there are now many procedures that you can undergo that are minimally invasive and extremely effective. However, as anyone who has gone through such a surgery well knows, there is far more to effective weight loss surgery than simply finding an appropriate surgery. Your search for the right weight loss method may lead you to various surgeons, a number of sites like, and seemingly limitless advice and testimonials. However, most of this searching and preparation is usually done with regard to the weight loss procedure itself, when in reality one of the most important aspects of this sort of surgery is how effectively you keep the weight off.

Clearly, there are many differences between natural weight loss through diet and exercise, and weight loss via surgery. With regard to keeping the weight off, the most significant of these differences is that natural weight loss involves forming good habits with regard to diet and exercise. People who lose weight through concentrated efforts to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly often find themselves in fitness routines that are very helpful for keeping weight off. On the other hand, people who lose weight through surgery, despite incredible initial results, often struggle to keep the weight off because they do not always develop these healthy habits and tendencies. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you keep the weight off following surgery.

Stay Active – Following any major surgery, it is generally recommended to keep physical activity slow and minimal. However, this doesn't mean you need to be completely inactive. Even if you have to start with a few short walks per day, it is important to keep your body at least somewhat active following surgery. This is healthier for you, and can also help you transition into a light workout routine as you recover, which will help to keep weight off.

Eat Slowly – Weight loss surgeries are generally designed not just to help you to lose weight, but also to make it easier for you to fill your stomach with smaller amount of food. This can be a tough mental adjustment, so it is recommended that you make a strong effort to eat small bites, and take long breaks between bites, to help yourself get accustomed to eating less.

Eat Small Portions – Along with eating slowly, it is important to implement portion control in your diet. One effective way to do this is to eat several small servings throughout the day, rather than a few large meals. Keep your diet rich in proteins, which can fill you up in smaller portions.</li>

Take It Slow – You should never think of weight loss surgery as a shortcut, because in its own way this form of weigh loss is still very difficult to manage. But, you can approach it with less of a sense of urgency than typical weight loss. Take your recovery slowly, and give yourself time to adjust. Build an exercise routine over time, and be patient with your new diet.


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