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Unlikely Vitamin That Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Many are already familiar with potassium and it's effect in lowering blood pressure.  However, recent studies have confirmed another nutrient that also helps lower blood pressure- Vitamin C.  This excerpt from NHD Magazine says the following:

"…The second paper was a systematic review which pooled findings from 29 RCTs to investigate whether vitamin C supplementation can help to lower blood pressure. The average dose of vitamin C given was 500mg daily, with most studies being conducted for a period of eight weeks. The study sample sizes varied from 20 to 120 people. The results from shorter-term studies revealed that vitamin C supplements helped to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure (by around 3.84 and 1.48mmHg respectively). Evidence from longer-term trials was lacking and these are now needed to establish whether the benefits are maintained. For more information see: Thies F et al (2012). American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Vol. 5, pg: 1013-22 and Stephen P et al (2012). American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Vol.95, pg: 1079-88."

NHD Magazine, June 2012: Issue 75.



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